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Show Comment - September 2015

Yup - the largest Show in the History of the Brimfield Show!

In spite of the rain yesterday and this morning, this Show was the largest Show of all time, with an estimated 20,000 dealers and over 230,000 visitors throughout the week.  The crowds were large, but not uncomfortably so - remember, the Show takes places over almost 1/3 mile of Rt 20, easily going back 500' on each side of the road.  There's plenty of space to accommodate everyone, with room to spare.

Each year, in spite or dire predictions, the Show goes on, and not only goes on - it gets bigger!
In fact, the Show has expanded, and continues to expand its way westward on Rt. 20.
The mile or so that's available for expansion means the Show can continue to grow each year.

Personally, we'd also like to see a carnival appear during Show weeks on the vacant acreage owned by the Faxons on the west end of Rt 20, but that's entirely out of our control.  But it would add to the wide-spread appeal of the Show, and give folks who come over successive days some entertainment at night.  Just a thought!


Show Update - July 2014

 Man oh man --- we have had some gorgeous weather this week -which is also predicted throughout the rest of the week and weekend.

Remember, the Show still runs on Sunday, (yes with a reduced number of dealers) but still plenty enough to occupy the day --- and that is your last chance to find that special item you're looking for, at least until the September Show.

This Show has been "busy" with a steady stream (traffic?) heading into Town, and dealers are reporting a brisk business with lots of interested buyers.  As the weekend nears, we expect more perfect weather and more enthusiastic buyers streaming into Town.  Saturday should be a perfectly amazing day - weatherwise - with sun and passing clouds.  Temps are expected to be 85+, so be sure to bring (or purchase water). 

As always we suggest you bargain for the price you want to pay.  A simple... "Whats the best you can do for me on this" will get you near the bottom the dealer is willing to take.  At that figure, I'll usually counter with something (appropriately) lower and try to find common ground. A way-too-low offer will only alienate the dealer and hurt your chances of getting the item you want, so be reasonable and remember --- no matter the outward appearance, most dealers are quite knowledgeable and shrewd about the items they sell and the pricing they set, and the amount they are willing to accept.  Of course on rainy days, and/or towards the last days of the Show, there can be a wide range of negotiation, which would not be the case during the initial days of the Show.   I mean - really, what dealer wants to cart a truckload of "stuff" all the way back home?  And most dealers are at least several states away, with quite a few coming from the mid-west.

As always, the Brimfield Shows are the perfect family/friends outing, with many opportunities to kick back under a tree and have a picnic or even a quick snooze while the heat of the day passes.  After living in Town for over 27 years, we've grown quite fond of the beauty and (off-Show-months) serenity that our little Town offers.   And we've had our share of notables in Town over the years - from Mick Jagger to Meryl Streep to Diane Keaton to others...  Brimfield's simple ways of life have unfortunately been lost in many parts of the country, so we invite you to visit the Show and enjoy all it has to offer!

WBH 07/10/14


Post Show Comment - May 2014


WOW, were you there last week? Simply the biggest Show in a long-long time, with an estimated 500,000 visitors over the course of the week. Personally speaking, its great to see that the likes of eBay and Etsy have only popularized antiquing and vintage wares, and we'd admit that the Town was more consistently busy all week long, something we do not usually see. As always, the crowds were manageable with few reports of trouble, and the Show remains a top family/friends outing event.

We at were interviewed for several national publications, including an article that included Brimfield as one of the Top 10 (its actually #1) Outdoor Antique Shows in the Country (actually the world).

The dealers we spoke to indicated that this was the best May show in memory, with more than a few comparing it back to the early era of the Show, when Gordon Reid began the shows. Again, speaking from 30 years of personal experience and observation - this WAS the largest Show of all times.


IMPORTANT TO READ: One IMPORTANT note of WARNING - PLEASE do NOT park in any unmarked areas. If you park anywhere not specifically designated as parking along Route 20 or Route 19 - your car will definitely be towed. If you are picking up an item you've purchased and have parked on Rt 20, do not leave your car unattended. Towing of illegally parked cars in town is BIG Business - fair warning! Besides, at $8.00 a day you can get perfect parking in the middle of the show. Why risk it?

SO WHAT IS THE BRIMFIELD SHOW??? Only the largest outdoor antique show in the world, held since 1959 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, three times each year, with thousands of dealers attending! Brimfield is an easy 1-hour ride west of Boston.

Thank you for making the undisputed leader of all Brimfield Show sites.

Also - THANK YOU BRASSMAN RON BETHONEY, for the photos, some of which we are displaying on our pages!

One of your Brimfieldshow-hosts recently completed flight training for his Private Pilot license... you can read about his experience and view his flight logs and photos here.

We hope you'll visit often, and check back regularly for more exciting developments.
As always, we're Number 1 because of you - Thank you for visiting us at!


How It All Began:

Back in 1959, a Brimfield local auctioneer, Gordon Reid decided to establish an open-air auction, which he named Gordon Reid's Famous Antique Show.

Based on the success of his show, several neighbors opened their yards and fields. Joe Hopkins established Start of the Mart across from St. Christopher's Church. In 1975, Lois Shelton, transformed her property across from Joe Hopkins', and ultimately, because of the overflow became Shelton Antique Shows.

By 1982, Pam and Don Moriarty, owners of Heart of the Mart had purchased 11 acres and hosted their first show, consisting of six dealers. By this year, Heart of the Mart will play host to almost 500 dealers, paying more that $250.00 each for their space.

Gordon Reid died in 1974, at which time his wife and son took over. Shortly thereafter, his Famous Antique Show was renamed J&J Promotions and run by Reid's two daughters, Judy Mathieu and Jill Lukesh. J&J, this year, will host more than 800 dealers. Since then, many other promoters have come onto the scene including Faxon's Treasure Chest, Mays Antiques, The New England Motel and Jeanne Hertan Antique Shows, to name but a few..

And even now, in anticipation of the Show's continued growth, even more contiguous acreage is being aggressively purchased for the day that it, too, will become a part of the Big Show.

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